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"Temporary" Hang Glider Race map by StepS

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Type: Hang Glider Race
Size: 4000 x 12000, 1908KB

Tags: temporary, hangglider



This is my "temporary" (lol) map for Hang Glider Race (Project X).
There's nothing special about graphics. It uses RGB colour mode, a simple gradient and has a small size.

Some tips:
There are checkpoints placed on the map. Turn off Teleport in the wsc scheme before playing, so the worms could be automatically teleported to the start. Put one worm.
You don't have to touch the checkpoints, just keep flying. Every time you touch a floor/obstacle, you will be teleported to the last checkpoint.
The map has been fully tested for playability, however report any bugs that you find (if there are some).
Enjoy! :)

Added on: 27th August 2011, 21:52
Downloads: 297

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Worth: 3 EXP

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