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Ninja War by ScaredEwo

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 2600 x 1200, 51KB

WSC file: Download


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I came up with this fancy scheme: Ninja War.
Goal is to launch your worms from your side to opponent's side with a rope and kill opponent's team from the air with fire punch, dragon ball or kamikaze.

Here is the example video:


- Worms are only allowed to be on your own team's colored dots.
- Fly over the middle wall only from your own team's colored areas and attack from air.

Remember to download the scheme above :)

This scheme needs antisink and Version TestStuff enabled.

You can host this with HostingBuddy. This scheme has antisink enabled by automatically. All players will still need rubberworm.
In lobby you need to tell everyone to write /tellv to see if they have rubberworm. You will still need to enable version TS!

Here is the map and scheme numbers:

WMDB 25668
WSDB 4061

Feel free to make more maps for this :)

Added on: 19th March 2014, 16:07
Downloads: 132

Comments: 9 (read/write)

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Original. (complain/suggest)