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NEON GLASS by ScaredEwo

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Type: Warmer
Size: 3200 x 2000, 73KB

Tags: neon, glass, warm, warmer


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For the 4th map, I decided to make a warmer (which kinda happened accidentally). This map took 2-5h work everyday for 7 days to complete. So much testing and changing things, wanted this to be perfect (very good atleast) :P Also this time I decided to make little simpler graphics. I hope I succeed to make them good enough to make enjoy them!

So, this map has 3 areas, and each area has it's purpose:

- Blue area, which is the main part of this map. It's for warming your tricks, flies, reaction times and overall an fun area. I wanted to make this area so that you could make any tricks that you can think of and crazy combos as flawlessly as possible!. So let your imanigation fly!

- Red area is for fast roping and warming your speed, climbing, scrolls etc.

- Green area is for precision roping, warming your taps and rope handling

Blue area was the first area I made, decided to add red and green area later to make this warmer more universal, so that everyone could enjoy this map and warm/practice for anything they might need to. Someone of the testers said that he loved that how the rope can almost always connect to something when you are flying and going crazy in the blue area. So dont be afraid to go nuts :D

My hopes is that you could warm for any rope scheme in this map, or just have fun!

BIG THANKS to all the testers! Most of you said something wich caused me to change some things to better (names I remember: sheldon, felxxy, prinzi, komito, san, alien).
Also thanks to sheldon for testing this map from start to finish. Thanks to felxxy too for testing alot at the late phase of making this map.

Feel free to leave any feedback!

Added on: 20th August 2015, 14:50
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