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Jet Grind Radio Shopper by -RetroJ-

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Type: Shopper
Size: 1920 x 1392, 233KB

Tags: Jet grind radio, Jet set radio, jsr shopper



I had no internet for a week,so in my boredom created this map lol.
With the clip art laying around it wasn't too hard,if there are any glitches on the map please let me know.

On a side note,I'm sick to death of the guy who sits on his fat arse,rating these,and all maps.
My rating just came through,can you tell XD
Really motherfucker,This map went through the process of imagining,I can tell you,,,I had no internet so my imagination was focussed,you sir sit on your arse not creating a god damn thing all day,eating cheese sticks maybe,It's a real dick blow to work on something for so long only for someone to come along and brand it for you,and especially when I've had it praised many many times,,Motherfucker who rated this has no god damn imagination that's for sure,Anddddd he's not even being consistent either,,,is this map not "Themed",,,,,,,,at least my Harley Quinn shopper map was rated themed lol 31134,eat abit motherchucker and rate my arse instead .

:This is Jet Grind Radio Shopper

Much Love

Added on: 14th February 2017, 11:02
Downloads: 132

Comments: 2 (read/write)

Worth: 2 EXP

Features: Unimaginative. (complain/suggest)