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Downloads: 1244
Comments: 82 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original

yuurepoer (14th December 2017, 15:13)

good god.. i was playing this map 1vs1 and between the 80% and 90% marks.. The motherfucker quit! :'(
Downloads: 23
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Remix

XanKriegor (11th December 2017, 05:33)

Well, does not seem so.
Downloads: 34
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

Spenner (6th December 2017, 02:22)

I enjoyed this map. The 3 dreamers in a row, and all the drive-in's descending, really test my consistency, which is something I need to have pushed while I'm learning.
Downloads: 26
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Original

sbs (2nd December 2017, 00:37)

Iae lez doo zoon ㋡ xyz reminded me of that "do you find me sadistic?" epic line, hehe. I think, after a few try-outs, you'll discover the proper spots/ways to make the tasks look e...
Downloads: 3186
Comments: 19 (read/write)
Features: None

Someone (26th November 2017, 16:37)

Ghost is so frustrated he wants to be the only one in winners box haha ghost is a looser wgo beleive is a winner
Downloads: 466
Comments: 8 (read/write)
Features: Unimaginative, Open

ME (26th November 2017, 16:32)

Constantin finished the map, and you have the replay too, put his name on the map box!! ASAP
Downloads: 227
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Open, Themed

Anonymous (21st November 2017, 00:11)

how can i open this map?
Downloads: 12
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

sHaDoWMaN (12th November 2017, 02:05)

Hi there. I think you forgot a spot close to red basket
Downloads: 16652
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original, Themed, Sprites

Anonymous (7th November 2017, 06:00)

tabarnak de grosse map!
Downloads: 46
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Themed, Sprites

xyz (4th November 2017, 18:02)

thanks guys, very much appreciated, I hope it won't look so bad in testing since I am not sure myself if i put some things clear enough.. and yes.. spring games are in plans but I think it won...
Downloads: 13
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: Unimaginative, Open, Sprites

-RetroJ- (4th November 2017, 10:46)

Chuvash is a noob mate ignore him lol,he didn't sign up for the reason he stated because I too had a post from him on my map. Seems he likes to troll and has no ma...
Downloads: 67
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original, Sprites

sbs (2nd November 2017, 18:42)

NP, let's clear up all doubts. There are 3 different crate areas in the map. When we land in one of these, we can use tele/jet/rope... anything in order to "take a crate" depending on...
Downloads: 177
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

chuvash (27th October 2017, 00:05)

A lot of wasted hours went into this. Looks like an hour's labour, tops. At least not absolute garbage and that already makes you stick out from like dozen rubbish maps on this page alone.
Downloads: 40
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Not-so-good graphics, Unimaginative

chuvash (26th October 2017, 23:59)

Such degree and amount of idiocy and trash all on the same maps page. Human stupidity knows no bounds! I'm completely done in 5 minutes, this must be a new record. Creativity and lack of profes...
Downloads: 60
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Unimaginative

chuvash (26th October 2017, 23:56)

What a tasteless, nauseating image piece of junk! You can't possibly think anyone is gonna like this. Showcases the fact that your brain is riddled with holes and pores! All the best, chuvash
Downloads: 10
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Not-so-good graphics, Unimaginative, Sprites

chuvash (26th October 2017, 23:54)

You can't be serious! This map not only does not make even the E grade, it is also a literal piece of goo! Shame on you!
Downloads: 20
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Unimaginative, Open

chuvash (26th October 2017, 23:53)

What an unimaginative, terrible piece of goo!
Downloads: 139
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

Hellyes (25th October 2017, 23:57)

Pepe did nothing wrong.
Downloads: 72
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

TOMT (25th October 2017, 21:18)

Good job, looks nice!
Downloads: 98
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics

-RetroJ- (21st October 2017, 21:32)

you'll have to set a game of this up,still haven't played one yet,map looks very clean,gj man