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▪ Newton's Cradle ▪ by Lei

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Type: Walk for Weapons
Size: 1640 x 1000, 123KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: Newton, Apple, Panic, Sudden Death


 8.50 (6)
 8.75 (4)
 9.20 (5)

The long lost cradle has been found.
All that's left is to Eliminate your opponents,
and monopolize the infinite knowledge found inside.

Please use the scheme provided.

▪ Suggested # of players: 2 to 3
▪ Suggested Match up : 3v3, 4v4, 3v3v3
▪ Turn / Hotseat time : 10 / 15 seconds
▪ Sudden Death : 120 seconds

My very first attempt at making a walk for weapons map.
As you would expect, the map requires another f'd up scheme. :D

The theme is a fast-paced and challenging arena where you would be allowed to use weapons and strategies never before used in a walk for weapons map.The challenge not only lies on your opponents, but on the terrain and the impending plunge of the cradle as well.

All of the jumps have been calibrated in such a painstaking level
that I am quite sick of seeing this map in Photoshop.
But with that said, I still know that I could never produce a flawless map.


- Players may decide to agree upon a 'free teleport rule' in case a worm's movement has been severely impaired by an Arrow from the Long bow.
- All 3 types of crates may spawn.
- The weapon crates release sheep once they explode.
- Utility crates contain very valuable tools.
- Health crates restore 20 health each.
- Number of players = Round time. Feel free to change it accordingly.

All comments, suggestions, and questions would be very much appreciated;
however, it might take me some time to reply or address your

GL & HF!


Added on: 3rd November 2009, 09:50
Downloads: 1170

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Worth: 9 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original, Themed, Sprites. (complain/suggest)