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▪ Threefold Torment ▪ by Lei

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Type: Fly Shopper
Size: 2200 x 1600, 289KB

Tags: Castlevania, NOOE, Dante, Inferno, Hell


 8.62 (8)
 8.71 (7)
 8.43 (7)

"I wavered back; and still the beasts pursued,
forcing themselves against me bit by bit,
till I slid back into the sunless wood."

-Dante Alghieri

Here's a fly shopper with a relatively simple addendum.
This map can also be played as a regular shopper map.

Inspired by my one of my favorite classic literature books: 'Dante's Inferno';
This is my personal extension of the idea, made to fit especially for W:A.
And this is, possibly, the start of a series of a few related maps.

The style used to make this map is similar to my 'Bloodline' map
(as opposed to Orodreth's Assembly), which I find as somewhat
more rewarding.

We have some sort of pod-fly thing going on here. So skipping KTL is a viable option.
The layout was carefully considered to balance plopiness.
I hate safe maps. And this wouldn't be hell if it was safe, no? xD

The level had limited sprites, so expect a ton of sprite adjustments,
importing from other levels (and games of the same series),
and a bit of basic photoshop work as well. You'll see if you pay close enough attention.

- 64 colors
- Hell background

▪ Suggested Difficulty settings:
~ Easy: Fly ONCE before attacking; 25/30s
~ Moderate: Fly TWICE before attacking; 30s
~ Hard (read map title): Fly THRICE before attacking; 30/35s (adjust accordingly)

***You may also wish to apply the Fly modifier rule which is defined as such:

If the crate that spawns on YOUR TURN lands on an object with the roman numerals: I, II, III, IV, or V,
then you are obliged to change the number of times you are required to FLY accordingly.

Example: The crate which spawned on your turn landed on an object with the roman numeral I.
You are then required to fly ONCE before attacking during this turn, regardless of the difficulty setting you are playing.
Hopefully clear enough.

***If you elect to play with /ts on, you may exchange 1 fly for 1 surf
if you want to make things more interesting.

Open to comments, questions, and suggestions.
Looking forward to some feedback. Thanks!
GL & HF!


I realized I released the map prematurely so I held
back its release until now. Version 2.0 brings many
changes, so to the 8 people who downloaded the first
one, please update your copies. lol. ^^

Many thanks to doben for his various suggestions, which also
led me to coming up with where to put the map number. xD


Added on: 12th February 2010, 08:01
Downloads: 1799

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Worth: 9 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original, Themed, Sprites. (complain/suggest)