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▪ Pillars of Purgatory ▪ by Lei

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Type: Chamber Shopper
Size: 2400 x 1200, 384KB

Tags: Castlevania, NOOE, Dante, Inferno, Purgatorio, Hel


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"At the time of Christ's death,
a great earthquake shook the underworld -
shattering rocks, cliffs, and foundations.
The conclusion to both bloodlines has been set in stone.
And by the grand sacrifice of the two Sons,
repentance shall be made possible.
The climb to Paradiso begins."

This next map of mine is a chamber-fly hybrid.
And as you would expect, there's a catch in the way it is to be played.

This time it's inspired by both The Inferno and Purgatorio of Dante Alghieri.
Each pillar corresponds to a deadly sin, and each has a counterpart beatitude, placed in a not-so-easter-egg way.

A minimalistic approach in terms of 'minor sprite'-usage has been employed in the making of this map to bring focus to what's more important - the layout.
The simplicity, however, has been made up for by revamping the colors of the original sprites.

For transparency's sake, I've uploaded both the original sprites used, together with the final layout,
so one can see the changes that took place - and perhaps appreciate the way the original was defiled
to come up with the shapes you can see on the map (as with most of my maps). ^^

Links: Sprites used for the body // Finalized layout (orig. colors)

Though very familiar, the sprites used for the 'body' of this map is entirely different to the ones used in the other map. ^^

For a chamber shopper, the pillars aren't that high, and the chambers are quite unusual.
Everything is by design. Nothing is left to coincidence. ;)

That brings me to the extra rule needed to play this map properly, and that is the Arch (or Mexi) Before Attack rule.
This may be done absolutely anywhere on the map. For the basic mode, you only need to do it ONCE each turn.
Though not a new idea, the forced ABA rule, the layout of the map, and the nature of a chamber shopper will ultimately
compliment each other to bring about a unique shopper game, at the very least.

- 88 colors
- Hell background

Suggested # of players: 2 to 3 (not more)
Suggested # of worms: 3 to 4 per team
Scheme setup: Original shopper scheme
Suggested gameplay alterations:

-Basic mode: 1x ABA
-Challenge: 2x ABA
-Leader challenge: The leader must do ONE MORE ABA (good for 3 players)
-Insane mode: A legal arch/mexi must pass over TWO PILLARS
-Suicide mode: A legal arch/mexi must pass over THREE PILLARS (totally possible)
-Practice mode: Turn off fall damage and juts go crazy. :D

Guidelines for insane people (Technicalities):
-The arrangment of the Pillars from Left to Right are: [VI], [II], [I], [IV(III)], [V(VII)] with the parenthesized ones located underneath.
-Doing a mexi from the Left of Pillar [IV] to the Right of the same pillar would count as TWO mexis, and vice versa.
-Doing a mexi from the Left of Pillar [V] towards the right edge of the map would also count as TWO mexis, and vice versa.
-The Right edge means you have to latch the rope at either the circle or the right side of the arc.

Yeah, I don't think that's going to be very clear for most of the people here who do not wish to understand.
But then again, I don't really care that much. Go 20% DL rate! WOOT! ;)

GL & HF!


Added on: 21st February 2010, 08:32
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