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StarCraft by kuvasz

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Type: WxW Shopper
Size: 2400 x 1000, 158KB

Tags: zerg, terran, protoss, race, w4w


 7.80 (5)
 7.60 (5)
 8.00 (4)

The initial idea was to remix one of the most overused WxW layouts out there in a way that it offers a different interpretation of the layout as well as encourages other WxW mappers to put some effort into their maps. And since the idea of a Starcraft themed map was something I'd been toying around with for quite a while, I decided to fuse the two in a single project.

I tried to make the different parts of the map resemble the racial traits in hide quantity and quality, space, as well as viable moves, hence the layout is not perfectly symmetric and different tactics can be executed in different parts. I implemented harder plops than usual since I don't see them on other WxWs at all but they're fun so I had to put some in :)

- 96 colours
- top cavern type
- Time background

Programs used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS5

Resources used:
- site elements
- Grill texture
- Panel

Update log v1.1 20.12.2010
- shifted walls to avoid crate spawns in incovenient places
- raised grill to avoid water to appear in some camera positions

Added on: 13th December 2010, 01:21
Downloads: 705

Comments: 47 (read/write)

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Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Remix. (complain/suggest)