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Rubber baseball by Ponty

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 3000 x 1280, 233KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: rubber, baseball, ponty, custom


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Hi everybody and merry Xmas! I made this map for the long gone wsc contest, but since its discontinued i decided to release this piece of work. Its rubber baseball and i hope you will all have fun with it.

Package here:

I included a zip containing the scheme, 2 harder versions of the same map in different colors and art, a readme and a demo replay with chat in it so you can get the hang of it. Or you can just view the demo vid linked at the bottom. For further walls of text see my readme included in the zip file ^^

How to play:

1. Position batter worm on the bottom right island (USE TELEPORT)
2. Position pitcher worm on the bottom left island (USE WORM SELECT, TELEPORT)
3. Use pitcher worm and attach rope to one of the small dots
4. Launch the pitcher worm to surf across (have worm select as your 2nd weapon)
5. When surfing, you need to do this combo: ENTER --> TAB --> F7 (worm select --> switch --> equip bat)
6. Adjust batter worm to hit the surfing worm
(aim bat, walk up/down on slope)
7. Hit the surfing worm mid-air and watch which base it lands into

8. Teleport to your team’s arrow meter and shoot perfectly straight arrows into your team’s target to fill it up until you reach the “win” sign
(you can get a perfect 90 degree shot by aiming horizontally with the rope or the baseball bat, then selecting arrow to perform the perfectly straight shot)

If you still don’t get the idea of how to play this game, or you are simply curious about how it is played, you can view the replay file included in this zip package. You must associate the replay file with WormKit.exe, because WA.exe will not run the action properly! Keep track of the chat dialog while watching the replay (Ctrl + Page Down) if you want to see which phase the game is about to enter, and what is happening in general! Or click this:

Added on: 24th December 2010, 16:29
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Worth: 9 EXP

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