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Big BiG RR Coop Map by BigBilly, rUNaW4y, Marko, SiD, beerbellys, FoxHound, sbs, Kirill-Gamer, KingGizzard, TheMadCharles

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 14760 x 6656, 3731KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: bigrr, coop, coop-bigrr, bigrr-coop


 10.00 (6)
 10.00 (6)
 10.00 (6)

Exactly 1 year ago BigBilly started this BigRR-Coop Map Project. And now after these 12 months of working, creating, testing, finding new mapmakers, merging and polishing the map is finished!

We lost some good mapmakers on the way but gained brilliant other ones!

There are 8 parts (+ a bonus part) in this map, each made by another mapmaker.
This is a very BIG Roperace map (40m ~ player).
But it is not only a BigRR map!

There are tons of bonus stuff in this map!
You can try out the golf course merged into the skatepark, the SSR part next to SiD amazing part, or one of the two new invented schemes by sbs and FoxHound.
sbs created a bonus finish part "One Shot Rope Race" - Challenging and fun!
Or you try to "Help the Sheep" - the scheme created by FoxHound specially for this map! Go for it and help that fluffy thing to reach the SSR part made by SiD!

The parts are made by (in order of parts):
KingGizzard (H₃OCharles)

There is also a part on billys map where we honor our lost mapmakers on the way. Look for yourself.

You can find further information about FoxHounds part here:

There is a special scheme included to this map, thanks to FoxHound.

So there is a lot to find out here - give it a try!
I wish you all a great time on this map!

Oh, yea and its set in the 80s !

Added on: 19th February 2024, 12:18
Downloads: 95

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Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics. (complain/suggest)