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Walk for Prehistoric Weapons by FFie

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Type: Walk for Weapons
Size: 1968 x 848, 147KB

Tags: prehistorik


 9.50 (4)
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 8.75 (4)

I wonder if anyone remembers this game... I always played it at school some 10-12 years ago :P

I had to clean up most of the "land" sprites, because unfortunately Pre2 is a graphical mess. If you think some things look too random, go play the game first; you'll be surprised how random a prehistoric game can get, with hamburgers, doughnuts, cards, grenades, and such! :D

Most parts have been made walkable (even the tree on the right!), so you won't lose time by having to jump a lot.

The map has someseveral wormers on it, can you find them all?


Auto: with university hat playing with a car
Balee: looking at the stars with a telescope
Bloopy: blue guy making music using the spoon and the cauldron
Cueshark: playing the acoustic guitar
CyberShadow: smashing the computer with a hammer
DarkOne: doctor examining a patient
Deadcode: red hair guy with Coca-Cola
Doben: Dobby, the house elf
Enty: Bender with chocolate
FFie: leafboarding
Konar6: dog looking at Bloopy
KRD: not-so-korean red dragon
M3ntal: chasing the 1up mushroom in a Mario hat
Mitsy: juggling fire poi in a Santa hat
MoM: playing the bass guitar
ShootMe: playing with cards
Wyv: wyvern :)

Programs used: WormMM, Photoshop

Sprites: Prehistorik 2, custom

Added on: 8th July 2009, 19:44
Downloads: 1603

Comments: 11 (read/write)

Favorites: This map is on the favorites list of 12 users.

Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Themed, Sprites. (complain/suggest)

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